Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New Site coming soon....

Hi Guys,

Been along time since my last post as I've been busy developing our business here in Singapore.

I've had so many requests relating to some of the video tutorials from people asking if i could design icons, diagrams, etc for them in one way or another - the new site will continue the blog but feature the additional function buy to these slide objects.

Don't worry, they won't be a rehashing of diagrams that you'll see at many other powerpoint template sites and selling for hundreds of dollars. Affordable, high-quality and 100% PowerPoint is the name of game here. So look out for 3D models, Geographic Models, Engineering components, Animated Business diagrams to suit not just business professionals, but Engineers, IT, academics and a host of other industries.

Hope you can stay tuned... the wait will be over soon and I'll post the new website details here.

Monday, May 17, 2010

IT Network Diagrams

17th May '10 - -

Many in the IT sector would have encountered these network diagrams from time-to-time. Most use icons, clipart or some other software aside from powerpoint to build the diagrams up.

In this short video I want to showcase two quick points:
1. Network Design and 2. Digital Libraries -

Remember, for network diagram design:

1. Use a custom-build library database of icons (in a 3D isometric view)

2. Use a grid to help layout the network lines (if its not too complex)

3. Reuse icons to quickly place network objects, and eliminate needless redrawing, or searching for the right clipart.

Chart Blogs

17th May '10 - -

Like many of you, charts is an essential part of any business presentation and like many of you, excel is our best friend (and worst enemy). The process of data visualisation I've learn't is a new skill set, and not an easy one for a subject that can be quite complicated. Finance has many variations, as with many other types of charts; some data is combined, some require custom charts and so on.

Here are a few interesting blogs that I've found useful for choosing the right chart for the right data, chart design and formatting and some data visualisation ideas.

Excel Charts – good examples and tutorials using excel.

Flowing Data -

Junk Charts - Deconstruction and reconstruction of questionable viz.

Visual Business Intelligence - From popular B.I. guy, Stephen Few.

Chart Porn – never mind the name, a good site for charts. -

Simple Complexity

information aesthetics

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Isometric 3D Diagrams

2nd May '10 - -

I'm posting some of the sample 3D isometric diagrams plus a recent one of the Singapore MRT (nb: I cut away certain information) to further showcase the ability of powerpoint (2007 version) to render these types of graphics.

These types of 3D infographics offer more real-world context than their 2D counterparts, which for the most part, are good for abstract concepts like strategy/ framework / process diagrams.

These are not difficult to do in practice but knowing what you want to design takes a little longer. I have posted a basic tutorial on these types of diagrams previously and is available as a youtube video but I will be posting some updated ones soon.

Here is just 4 examples of what could be done...

*Please note that Slideboom cannot convert all the 3D graphics properly. Just n case you think they look odd!! :)

Tell me what you think, how often or would you need these types of diagram in your work?

Page Flip Effect

2nd May '10 - -

I had posted some time ago a similar effect for curling the page edge and turning it. And having seen many other effects using 'wipes' I thought I'd let you see another version of the page flip.

Believe it or not, this only uses two types of animation- can you guess what they are?!

Well, here's a clue, one is an 'entrance' effect, and the other is an 'exit' effect... see if you can produce this too before I reveal the answer....

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

15 FREE Diagrams

21st April '10 - -

As mentioned, I will be posting on occasions some new diagrams for you guys to download and do with them as you please. You have a fair mixture here, and I'd be ahppy to hear your thoughts on the kind of diagrams you struggle with or would like to see a tutorial on.

As in the classes, some of the give aways are not meant to be at professional level, as I always like to see you guys work on them, polish them up and come up with something uniquely yours. In fact, looking at these, the conversion to slideboom has affected the animation - but don't worry once you download them they should all be okay.

To download these, follow the link by click on the icon to Slideboom, where you can proceed to download these and other powerpoint files.

Enjoys these diagrams, more to come...

21st April '10 - -

If you haven't heard of Singapore, then perhaps our new branding campaign will help you out. Take it from me, living here for almost 20 years - i wouldn't want to live anywhere else. After many years of being "uniquely singapore", its now "your singapore". It invites travellers to make the Singapore experience your very own.

I'm not here to discuss the merits of the branding campaign which is currently all the talk at the moment, but I just wanted to share the design that appeared in the TV adverts.

Of course, I couldn't help but potter around for a few minutes to try and do a quick re-creation of it in powerpoint. It's not meant to be finished, but I think alot could be done if given some proper time. It would be interesting to see how the agency has laid out the new slide templates and stuff... I'd love to work on those...

Been Busy...

21st April '10 - -

Hi Guys, in case you've been wondering where I've been (don't worry, not gone), just got busy!

Just a brief note to let you I'll be posting some of the (backlog) new materials for your to watch and download.

Business has been good and we've been through our first branding make-over (tidy-up perhaps). Our new magazine is out and the new website is under development so be sure to check that out in a few months - has some nive innovate 3D touches to it.

Anyway, the company we worked with have a great bunch of guys at BDC and you can see some of their work here.

if you want to engage them, just mention my name - don't think it will give you any discounts though - but it's always nice to know where you've been referred from.


Sunday, December 20, 2009

22 Laws

20th December '09 - -

This post is for a select group that attended a recent workshop.

Follow the links to slideboom where I'll be posting the remaining notes:

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Infographic Example

8th November '09 - -

In a recent edition of the Straits Times (and credit goes to them), dated on the 4th Nov'09 I came across an article promoting SPRING Singapore.

I was intrigued because it had a very nice infographic based on some of their activities. So I decided that night to re-create it in PowerPoint v2007 as a clear demonstration how easy it can be to design these types of graphics. It is also a great way to enhance your own presentations by introducing these types of 3D graphics.

Continue to source your own newspaper for examples and have a go yourself at trying to re-create them, it makes for great practice. I will have more video-tutorials on infographics coming soon.

*any colour issues due to way file is converted.

12 Free Diagrams

8th November '09 - -

There are a lot of good sites such as PresentationLoad and others offering some incredible looking business diagrams and well worth taking a look at.

As with many of these sites, for those not familiar with Shapes, it can appear that the diagrams depicted are quite sophisticated but if you know how shapes are broken down, angled and then coloured many of these diagrams can be easily created.

For a start I’m offering 12 free diagrams that I’ve drawn myself for you to download, share, and/or incorporate into your own presentations.

The next couple of tutorials I will demonstrate how you too can draw some of these diagrams.

Enjoy these first!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

PowerPoint PPTPlex

20th September '09 - -

PPTPlex uses Plex technology to give you the power to zoom in and out of slide sections and move directly between slides that are not sequential in your presentation; and is available here (over at the office labs).

I've recently installed this add-on to test its features and you can see a quick demo of my own experience using it.

There are pro's & con's in using it and I would say that its very much (at this stage) for users doing sit-down presentation-cum-meeting styles, that require linkage with other external data documents such as word, excel, and pdf. For delivery of presentations that have you on your remote, it will depend on the features that your remote has - if its a simple remote, the zooming portion will have you running back to the laptop constantly.

In short:

The Con's
- loses all the animation
- loses all the video
- If remote device is simple, then delivery is clumsy
- low-res pictures will still get distorted

The Pro's
- Nice zooming feature
- Visibly opens external documents (no need to click the hyperlink)
- Groups sections of your slides together (audience get to see a complete overview)

Here is another video (different user) on PPTPlex.

Global Viewership