Friday, May 30, 2008

Drawing a Vector Inspired Business Graphic

Of the many presentations that I put together, in addition to the main brand-theme for Impress Training, is the use of Vector-inspired business (men) graphics. In an earlier post for sample slides I noted that I basically drew myself into the slides. So I'm going to show you very quickly how I did this.

Now, you can find this type of artwork in many media today, and there is great deal of stock art available at Stockxpert (paid) as well as other sites and a few samples at SXC (which I contribute a few images now and then, and they are Free). Of course, if we don;t have the resources to pay for stock art but we like this type of vector illustration we can very quickly produce a similar effect. These are great for producing business and training slides and can be used for a variety of content matter.

How they can be used will come later - for this post, let's just draw a simple business graphic. I have provided a video tutorial here in v2007 - but it is exactly the same process in v2003. Please note that we are just using the 'curve tool' and 'fill effects'. And be warned - in v2003 the curve tool will 'have' to be used in conjunction with the edit points to smoothen out the edges. This is a very quick demonstration, so please take some time when it comes to doing yours.

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