Monday, May 26, 2008

An example of 'Quality' not 'Quantity'

In a recent talk broadcast over at TED, Alisa Miller gave an insightful presentation as to how the US recieves it's media and what stories from around the world it had tended to focus on - those that dominanted the news in recent months were Iraq and Britney Spears. Although the presentation style was somewhat let down by the referal to cur cards (pr large A4 paper) in this case, the presentation flowed well and made use of minimal slides but each has a clear cut message.

In our own design of slides, as you can see from this talk there is much to be said to keep information to the core facts to maximise it's impact on the intended audience.

The design elements make use of black backgrounds, which are preferable in presentations in larger rooms as it focuses more attention on the displayed images and text on screen. Text is short and images and take up half the screen. All sources are quoted towards the bottom, which any academic and business presentation should strieve to do -but ensure the text is a darker colour than the main text and smaller in font size so it doesn't avert attention away from the main message.

The software being used for Alisa's presentation is Apple's Keynote. Above are some sample slides from her talk, but take 5 minutes to watch it and take note of the simple yet effective use of slide information.

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