Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A moment away from business

Stepping away from business presentations for a moment, these two examples were created to showcase some of the uses of the animation effects in powerpoint. There may be times when businesses and even schools conduct ro participate in trade shows and events that require some form of running presentation. Yet don't have the resources to hire professionals to create professional looking flash designs or other similar slide content. In these two examples, they were merely to showcase 'motion path' animation.

The Miniture Earth presentation is a very short, and telling, flash animation that has done the rounds in Youtube for sometime now and I urge everyone to visit the main site. In part, this was created as a request from someone to have a PowerPoint version so that they could play in an event that covered similar themes - and although the timing was short, the prevailing animation still did the trick. I created this about 2 years ago on v2003 of powerpoint.

The other sample is a replication of one of my favourite artisit's Moby music video of "Why does my heart feel so bad". Again, it's just a short clip (not the whole sequence) song demonstrating motion path animation in v2003. Not being an 'animator' by trade, please forgive the less than professional outcome... and people wonder what I do on rainy days!

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