Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sample Slides: First-time Manager

I would like to share some of the slides that appear in my First-time Manager course, from Impress Training, regarding the topic (one of many topics) 'Motivation'. The course itself is meant to provide, not just insights, but real practical tips to managers as to how they can implement it in the office. All too often many management courses are great at providing frameworks but not the 'how to' which required at the 'ground level' for operational and new managers alike. I hope that those that have attended or are due to participate find the course useful in bridging this gap.

Pertaining to the design, it is important to note your 'audience' - based in Singapore, many of the cases studies and management frameworks coming from the west are very hard to convey or even put into practice when the culture is so different; a good recent example of this happened in Korea with KIA (see the businessWeek Asia article). Hence, many of the case studies, articles are all referenced from Singapore or around the region to make the point more meaningful. Not all cases are reflected in the sample slides though. The traditional bullet points have all but been removed in order for the presenter to elaborate on key topics (i.e. the presenter does the talking, not the slides - which are used for visual reference and topic introduction).

Further, all picture images were taken mainly from SXC or Google images except for the vector people. These were actually drawn from real pictures of me (!) in various postures and then using the 'curve line' tool traced around and 'coloured fill' later. These were then saved as .png files to retain the transparent background and were ready for use in other presentations.

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