Sunday, May 25, 2008

Subtle use of 3D Perspective

You only have to look around today to see the major influence that Apple has had on the design asthetic of many other companies. Most notably the 'reflections' effect - see any handphone or tech product advert. Added with a 3D perspective, many images have a very powerful visual feel.

In PowerPoint, many people over do it as with the 3D WordArt; and one must really learn to appreciate the subtle touches of using 3D to pull off such an effect. With v2007 this has become easier, as shown in the brief video. In v2003 this is alot harder and the overall effect not as convincing.

However, next time you have a line of products you wish to showcase, use this nice subtle visual effect. Just remember to use the 3D directions using 'Perspective' and not 'Parallel' to create 3D look.

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