Wednesday, June 4, 2008

3D People for Business Graphics

I'm a big fan of using as little text as possible and substituting this for actual 'verbal' presentation; thus leaving the slide to have a much more visual impact. I like to use alot of abstract pictograms to best represent certain situations and processes.

Anyone in engineering and the technology fields would already be used to having computer icons connecting over network dotted lines and other such system graphics. One of the many types of graphics as seen on sites such as stockxpert and istockphoto are of 3D business people providing conceptual representations of actions. These pictograms are universal in their understanding and hence provie a very strong visual reference rather than using text.

From a perspective of putting together a quick presentation, these are easy to put together, shape and bend into positions to perfectly express different situations and obviously is alot more attractive than having text all over the slide.

The man is composed of an Oval and Rounded-Rectangle, which are later Grouped when you constructed a basic man shape. In v2007, we then apply some basic 3D perspective and changes to the Bevel Depth to approximately 20. The rest is really up to you in terms of creativity. Take a look at the previews and some of the great work available for fee-download at the above sites to garner some ideas. Enjoy this quick tutorial...

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Zac Martin said...

That's a really good find. Finally, a purpose for so many 3D effects in PowerPoint!

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