Monday, June 2, 2008

The Powerful Pitch

One the Net's most favoured speakers is Guy Kawasaki, a former Product Evanglist for Apple and now a Venture Capitalist, was speaking on The Art of Innovation at the Microsoft Small Business Summit recently about to create a great presentation. This was a free online event that lasted for five days. There are approximately fifty eight sessions designed to provide small business owners with strategic insights from experts in business and technology.

His style is what I would refer to as 'smart-casual' and may or may not work in the boardrooms of Asia. What is important to note though is the energy that comes across - something that definitely lacks with Asian presenters. I was once asked by a participant why I couldn't showcase more Asia Business speakers and I replied "name me 5 'business' speakers that you know of, and believe are good presenters!"... then came the silence. It could be argued that cultures and society are different, which does have some part to play but when I hear they are 'angmoh' (english translation :'westerners') and thats why they can do better I always disagree and instill that anyone can have that energy and passion - but it is down to you to master and conjure it up. Guy obviously loves what he does and that clearly comes across.

Alot of blogs have been written on Guy's style and his '10-20-30' approach - but rather than me telling you about it, why don't you here it from the recent event and some other presentations done by Guy.

These are some of the other presentations as delivered by Guy.

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