Monday, June 23, 2008

A Source for Inspiration

Most people tend to ask me where they can find other good powerpoints to draw inspiration from - and aside from the few that you find here and there - my usual answer is don't look at many other powerpoints - because they suck!

Some love them, some don't - but they've been in the business for years and most people need look no further that their TV to draw inspiration. For me, if I want to benchmark some of my slides against the professionals - I need to see professional graphics. And that means loking at the News, or newspapers, advertising and digital signages.

I think the news is a great representation of what we typically do in presentations anyway with the anchor person being the presentor and simple and effective news graphics neatly viewed in the background. If all they needed was bullet-points all the way - they too wouldn't need an anchor person. It's really about putting a face, an emotion, and adding value to the richness of the content. The news is very visual these days (never mind the crawls!) - so re-look at it with the volume down and seek inspiration from the news broadcast graphics and the layouts that they employ for different infographics such as quotes, charts and diagrams. Not only that, notice to use of large 'headline & tagline' text and not paragraphs (i.e. topic sentences).

Some good examples are: BBC (UK), CNN (US) and iTV (UK)

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