Monday, June 30, 2008

Template Theme: Grunge Worktop

Of course I have no idea if this is really how it is refered too? But for the sake of argument, will call it 'grunge worktop'. Grunge in short is using irregular, dirty, broken and torn images in visually contrasting compositions. Huh? Yup, as a business manager, I bet you never throught you would learn all this...!

If you have ever seen some of the latest websites and adverts coming out over the recent year, there are always definite markers to indicate a certain trend in design that is happening - grunge (vector, floral, retro...etc) has been with us a while, but havent seen too much of this in PowerPoint Presentations - of course, there will be times when it is more appropriate than others to use this type of design theme (rather than calling it a template). You can find some good inspirational exmaples at smashingmagazine in their grunge section to get an even better idea.

These are useful if your making public presentations (web or event) to a certain target market such as youths and young business people who are more into these types of trends. It allows your presentations to stay fresh and relevant with this target group - all the better if your product and service is meant for them. It's not difficult to put together, and all images come from SXC, and are simply 'inserted' into the slide - that's it - now its just down to a bit of creativity.

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