Saturday, July 12, 2008

Business Presentations by Steve Jobs

With the launch of the new 3G iPhone upon us, I guess I couldn't go too long without (like many others) mentioning the presentation style and visuals by what some have called the best business communicator in the corporate world: Steve Jobs.

What's interesting to me is the formula used by Jobs to introduce new Apple products and services and how easily it can be translated to many of the presentations we do in everyday business. Aside from the obvious flair, there are some benchmarks we can adopt from his presentation structure. In a recent post from, Carmine Gallo gave a brief overview of some key indicators typically used throughout a Jobs presentation.

Opener and theme setting
Let the audience have an expectation of what's to come with revealing too much, and use various opening techniques to achieve this.

Survey the Industry landscape
Present and build an expectation for your new product or service by letting everyone know the current market, current competitors and the obvious need for your solution.

Present the solution
Sell them the solution, but base this on the benefits (not the features) and make meaning from numbers. Aside from the obvious 'showmanship' to sell the new product, this still has to be backed up by sound business costing/finances.

Present it Visually
Slides show represent 1 message per slide and should be visual, more than textual.

Natural Delivery
Use body language that is more natural and conversational in tone - use good use of your hands in an open manner.

End the presentation with the same as the opening to bring the presentation full circle.

Steve Jobs has been doing this for a long time, and like anything else takes patience, practice and preperation. And like your own presentations, many fail, because they don't employ some of the basics - most like to wing-it, but this is the surrest way to do a terrible presentation. Take a look at past and present presentations by Steve Jobs and see the obvious fine tuning, but continual salesmanship that he possesses.

Steve Jobs First Presentation

Steve Jobs Latest Presentation

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