Thursday, September 25, 2008

NEW E-Book "PowerPoint (2003) Mechanics"

Due to overwhelming response from the slideshows and tutorials posted here and the fact that still many of you are using version 2003, I have put together a no-nonsense step-by-step Visual Guide containing many different effects that can be applied to your presentations.

The ebook consists of:

  • 120 pages,

  • over 20+ tutorials

  • step-by-step instructions

  • large screenshots with every step

Just some of the tutorials include:

  • Create a 3D Picture reflection

  • Creating simple Aqua Icons

  • Creating a Widget

  • Creating Your Own Vector Art

  • Creating Your Own Business Art Silhouettes

  • Custom Animated Organisation Charts

and more...

Priced at just US$5, this book should aid anyone around the world still using 2003 to enjoy some of the the same effects as v2007. Great for anyone in training and education as well as business - this guide will help you learn the 'mechanics' so you can apply your creative juices to your own slides!

Secure payment made through Payloadz/paypal

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