Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Singapore Prime Minister Using Slides

August 9th marks Singapore's National Day (the day it broke away from Malaysia), and was the scene of the annual National Day Rally Speech delivered by PM Lee.

The full 6-part speech can be found at the channelnewsasia website.

The interesting fact is that this is most likely the first time that PM Lee has used Slides to hightlight certain issues facing Singapore today such as the falling population, the economy and issues with society. In looking more closely at the slides one can see that they are stripped down and plain - for the very reason that everyone can follow them. Most of the charts used are simple bar and trend charts with clear headings and labels; this too follows the one-message per slide rule.

The visuals were large and uncluttered, some used to highlight websites, scenes of Singapore and some used to inject humor such as the Electronic Road Pricing system on a small island just off the coast of Singapore (and next to Malaysia - reference to the Pedra Blanca case).

Take a brief look at some of the slides presented, as this is how charts should be laid out - i.e. simple as can be, for all to understand.

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