Thursday, September 25, 2008

TV Broadcast Graphics for PPT Practice

I've often said that broadcast graphics provide a great source of inspiration rather than looking at many other ppt slide shows out there. Two very useful websites provide some good examples of images and video of TV idents, break fillers and charts to aid in some creative design; they are Idents and TV Ark respectively.

I've always thought that the BBC has so far had the best and easiest of designs to follow in context to their news grahpics as seen here in this youtube video:

When I say to many people "look at the news" (whether its your local news or an international network), don't get too put off by the fancy graphics and animation - start slowly. Most broadcast graphics use grids to layout the content and you can do the same and from there and build up, adding images and correct amounts of animation.

You might be surprised that alot of the aimation is looped and thus doesn't require too much as you can see from the video of my PowerPoint replication of the BBC and ITV broadcast graphics.The end of the video shows the breakdown of components to make the graphics come alive.

When you see this on a plasma screen it's hard to tell the difference and people are often amazed that this is done in PowerPoint!


king khan said...

It would be great if you could share the powerpoint file or host the videos on an alternate hosting like vimeo! That would go a long for students like me sitting behind stupid proxy sevrers that restrict youtube.

regards ~ MFK

Mark James Normand said...


Thanks for the input and I'll take that into consideration. In addition, I intend to set up a file-download so readers can download some sample slides as they see on the videos and play around with them.


king khan said...

thanks mark...that would be nice...i am actually a real fan of the stuff the keep flashing on bbc so that would be real fun!!!

regards ~ MFK

Anonymous said...

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