Sunday, October 5, 2008

3D Word Art Scene Titles

Word Art has never been a great feature in PowerPoint until the 2007 version came along. Too long have we seen slides with the old cheesy 3d-orange tilted titles stuck to many slide shows (see slideshare and slideboom for endless examples). At least with this new 3d render and choices of colour, the opportunities to blend both image and title have given rise to do some pretty neat things.

You'll see these all the time on TV (e.g. Animal Planet) and movie opening titles (e.g. Panic Room) as well as some TV News segments.

So if you want to use Word art:

  • Use it mainly for Title slides and Transition slides.
  • Use Minimum Text
  • Adjust the Shadow and Reflection effects for added realism
  • Use some depth to give it a solid fill
  • Use the lighting angle effects to blend it in to the picture (which means taking note of the image light source)
  • Use colours that allow the text to stand out but not necessarily contrast.
And as with most things 3D in PowerPoint, less is more.

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