Friday, April 10, 2009

Tutorial Downloads

10th April 2009 - -

Thanks for all those attending the PowerPoint classes and the kind comments, and as promised here are some of the answers for the tutorial questions set.

These are all meant to improve your animation skills, so you can see the final version here as well as download the files.

This is available in your workbooks, but this simple side-flow animation allows you to control the flow of bullets rather than revealing them all at once.

Download the file here.

In this second example, you were tasked to put together different animation effects to see if you could replicate a simple page-flip effect.

Download the file here.

Lastly, following from the .gif animation, you were tasked to achivie this loop animation similar effect using 'motion paths'.

Download the file here.

Who got them right? Or who just waited for the downloads! :)

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