Monday, May 11, 2009

Using Quotes in Slides

Using Quotes

Just like any other message in your slide, try to stick to the "one message per slide rule" - even when it comes to using quotations. Don't stick them at the bottom of a slide, or at the end of a 'Q&A' or 'thank-you' slide.

Take time to articluate these important quotes as they can validate a point your making, transit to another point, reveal industry data or survey results. I often say to people don't use quotes from long-ago speakers of wisdom - not doubting the wisdom - buts its usually not relevant to the context of your typical business presentation.

Use quotes from:

- Industry & Business Leaders
- Research and Survey
- People known in your areas (products, industry, etc.)

When designing a quotation slide, try to remember to:

- Always try to have the picture of the author of the quote
- Source of the quote, including dates
- Picture of the original source documents
- Only highlight the 'main' sentance to be quoted (not the whole document).

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