Monday, August 17, 2009

Diagrams & People

17th August 2009 - -

For the longest time, I’ve been developing diagrams and of course looking at many others from various sources; and one thing struck me about all these diagrams and that is was “what is the best way to depict people?” In most cases, it boils down to four types:

· Silhouettes
· Pictogram
· Cones
· Icons

Whilst some are more abstract than others, all are achievable in design right in your PowerPoint, and none of them take too long to do. Except for maybe the use of icons (although these too can be designed in PowerPoint); but are a lot easier to downloads from clipart or other such sites offering them.

The typical diagram types tend to use specific images, and whilst this is not an absolute rule, does tend to aid in sorting out what images are best used for certain diagram types, such as:

· Network Diagrams mainly use Icons
· Concept diagrams/ Infographics use a mix of Silhouettes and Pictograms
· Statistics (e.g. manpower diagrams) use Pictograms
· Organisation charts use silhouettes

It will also depend on the realism and/or abstractness of the diagram you are creating.

Below is a depiction of the four major categories of people and some sample diagrams from various sources using them.

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