Sunday, September 13, 2009

Designing 3D Isometic Graphics

13th Spetember '09 - -

I've already uploaded a few examples of isometric infographics and really appreciate the ability of the 2007 version to handle 3D a little better than earlier versions. I will continue to post a series of different video tutorials and images later... save the best (and more complex) till later!

In this tutorial, I really just wanted to show the very basic mechanisms to begin construction of an isometric infographic. I have included a video I chanced upon a video for some new business park development in China. The graphics in places are quite striaght forward (aside from some of the animation) and very basic replications of them in powerpoint are possible.

So watch this video first, and then see how you can replicate it in powerpoint (only in 2007 version).

Infographic : Introduction of Chengdu ChengPan Area by yx.shawn from yx.shawn on Vimeo.

Watch this brief tutorial...

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Jim Taylor said...


Impressive. I had not planned to upgrade to PP07 but I think you may have convinced me. Looking forward to more like this.



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