Sunday, May 2, 2010

Isometric 3D Diagrams

2nd May '10 - -

I'm posting some of the sample 3D isometric diagrams plus a recent one of the Singapore MRT (nb: I cut away certain information) to further showcase the ability of powerpoint (2007 version) to render these types of graphics.

These types of 3D infographics offer more real-world context than their 2D counterparts, which for the most part, are good for abstract concepts like strategy/ framework / process diagrams.

These are not difficult to do in practice but knowing what you want to design takes a little longer. I have posted a basic tutorial on these types of diagrams previously and is available as a youtube video but I will be posting some updated ones soon.

Here is just 4 examples of what could be done...

*Please note that Slideboom cannot convert all the 3D graphics properly. Just n case you think they look odd!! :)

Tell me what you think, how often or would you need these types of diagram in your work?


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