Monday, May 17, 2010

IT Network Diagrams

17th May '10 - -

Many in the IT sector would have encountered these network diagrams from time-to-time. Most use icons, clipart or some other software aside from powerpoint to build the diagrams up.

In this short video I want to showcase two quick points:
1. Network Design and 2. Digital Libraries -

Remember, for network diagram design:

1. Use a custom-build library database of icons (in a 3D isometric view)

2. Use a grid to help layout the network lines (if its not too complex)

3. Reuse icons to quickly place network objects, and eliminate needless redrawing, or searching for the right clipart.


google said...

I have posted a basic tutorial on these types of diagrams previously and is available as a youtube video but I will be posting some updated ones soon.

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